Well, you’ve learnt lots and I hope had a good time, but now it’s time to have even more fun!

Here are some activities that you and your class mates might like to have a go at.

Come and explore the lives of kids around the world!
Plan invites you to visit their website where you can -

  • Take a virtual visit to a village in Africa
  • Explore the planet through games and activities
  • Stop disasters
  • And so much more!

Just click here and let the fun begin!

Class sponsor a child

After all that you’ve read and learnt you may like to talk to your parents, teacher and your class mates about your class sponsoring a child like yourself in one of the countries you’ve read about on Plan’s website.

tigers and goats

My carved Tigers and Goats board - click to learn the rules

Learn to play Tigers and Goats

Everywhere I went the kids were playing a Nepali game called “Tigers and Goats”.
They’d scratch the “board” into the dirt and use stones for the Tigers and the Goats.
As soon as the kids discovered we had a real board they begged us to play against them and then proceeded to “kick our butts” every time!! With the biggest grins as our inevitable defeat drew near!!!

Here is a picture of my Tigers and Goats board.
The pieces are carved in local Nepali stone.

If you’d like to have a go at playing Tigers and Goats with your friends, just click on the picture to learn the rules (You may need an adult to help).
You’ll then need to find some stones, a patch of dirt and a stick to draw the board.
(Oh… by the way…. while you’re learning.. it’s easier being a goat and it’s hard to see the tactics of the Tigers but the more you play it, like anything, the better you’ll become and you’ll suddenly “see” the strategy!)

Have fun!

Read some of my favourite books

Edmund Hillary: Nothing Venture, Nothing Win
(anything by or about Sir Ed)
Summit 8000: Life and Death with Australia’s Greatest Mountaineer Andrew Lock
Everest Triumph and Tragedy on the World’s Highest Peak
Everest Mountain Without Mercy
Michael Palin: Himalaya
Voices from the Summit
Sheer Will The inspiring life and climbs of Michael Groom
National Geographic had a great map for the 50th anniversary
4 Billion Year Journey of a Continent: Australia