I’m often asked what I have to take with me or, more to the point, why do I have so much excess luggage when I travel to Nepal.  A little bit of it is chocolates and koalas but most of it I really do need to stay safe on the mountain. Ok, so a little bit of it is to stay comfortable and a little less smelly on the mountain (pillow, books, toiletries)

Following is my Kit list for Everest as per Dream Guides’ information pack.

(I’ve condensed it a little, you’ll see why if you look at the “layering” tops and bottoms…it’s a long list!)

I’ve included photos and some information of the items I’m most asked about and the ones my nephew was most interested in climbing into!

Some of them have rather strange names so I’ve tried to explain what they are and how I use them.

There’s 2 ways to view the information:
Just click on the linked items and depending on the size of your screen, information on the item will appear beside the list.
HINT: If you’ve got a small screen, like I have, you’ll need to scroll down to see where the pop up has appeared.
The other way is to go to the full size page through the menu.

Climbing Hardwear:1. Ice Axe 60-70cm (unless you are very short!)

2. Crampons and antiballing plates (must fit boots)

3. Harness – adjustable waist and leg loops

4. Jumar x 1 (I’m taking my right hand one)

5. 4m of 8mm dynamic climbing cord

6. Belay plate or figure 8

7. Wide gate screw-gate karabiners x 4

8. Snap lock karabiners x 4

9. Helmet

10. Prussic loops x 2

Climbing Clothing:

1. Down suit

2. Mountaineering Boots

3. Layering – Tops and Bottoms

4. Hats

5. Other Headwear (Glasses, Headlamp, Helmet)

6. Gloves

Climbing gear and kit for base camp

1.Sleeping Bags (-40 for high camps; -20 for base camp)

2. Backpack (most people have a small  30L and large 60L one. Being so short in the back I have a single 50L pack)

3. Hiking poles (I don’t use them going up but coming down off the mountain they help the knees)

4. Thermarest full length (air mattress)

5. Sleeping Pad (like a big orange egg carton – if you’ve read about the alpaca wool hat, you’ll know about air insulating. That’s what these 2 do, put air between you and the ice)

6. 2 x 1L nalgene water bottles

7. Pee Bottle (NOT to be confused with the water bottles!!)

Miscellaneous or  ”The Boring Other Stuff”

Sunscreen, Lip balm

Pocket knife

Spare batteries

Wet wipes

Travel towel

Toiletries (incl hand gel, small mirror, nail scissors)

Books / IPOD / Cards

Insulated mug / spoon

Stuff sacks

First aid kit

Medical kit (including lots of vicks vapour rub)


Repair kit (including a roll of Gaffa tape)

Duffel bags

Blue tarpaulin (to wrap the mattress in at the teahouses!Bed bugs!)

Pillow (that’s not actually on the list but I always take mine even up the mountain!)