1. Asolute Zero Mitts (for summit day)
2. Thick weather proof gloves
3. 2 x pairs of thin gloves

For Summit Day I use mitts rather than gloves because they’re warmer.
Losing a glove could mean losing some fingers and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty attached to my fingers so I want to make sure my mitts are attached to me. My mitts have a wrist strap so when I remove the outer mitt to take a photo or something it dangles from my wrist.

I have many other pairs of gloves for lower on the mountain. I always carry spare gloves in my pack as wet gloves are not comfortable and as I said I am rather fond of my fingers!
Some times it gets really hot on the mountain but you don’t remove your gloves. You’ll have your lightest pair on but never ever have bare hands when you’re working with ropes.