The Sherpa


Sherpas The Sherpa

These 3 lovely fellas were part of our team in 2004 they are all Sherpa. Pemba like clockwork every 4 hours 'Medicine Nettie medicine'. He doesn't own a watch!

The Sherpa:

  • Migrated from Tibet in approx. the 17th century
  • Live traditionally in North West Nepal around the Everest region
  • Made a living traditionally from cultivation and trade. Salt from Tibet and Rice from lower altitude agricultural areas of Nepal
  • Their villages are surrounded by terraced fields scattered throughout the Everest Region
  • Namche Bazaar is the Sherpa ‘capital’, the economic centre
  • The main religion in Nepal is Hindu but most Sherpa are Buddhist (93%)
  • Being born at altitude for so many generations Sherpa have more red blood cells, more efficient hearts and more capillaries in muscles than westerners.
  • Even the Chinese who invaded Tibet in 1950 and have lived there since (3 generations) haven’t developed the Sherpa genetic adaptation to altitude.
  • But I think the most amazing things about the Sherpa that I’m lucky enough to call friends are their beautiful smiles, wicked senses of humour, their strength on the mountain and their desire to see me do my best and keep me safe.