If you are moved by the “Because I Am A Girl” campaign and would love to be a part of my “Way Back to Everest 2018″ or think that your company, staff and clients could benefit from being a part of an exciting adventure, then click here for contact details to enquire about sponsorship.

Can you picture your COMPANY’s NAME here and on Everest?

Supreme Beauty

Supreme Beauty Owned by the delightful, supportive and inquisitive of all things Everest, Wietske. Supreme Beauty is providing it’s services , pre Everest, free of charge.
Wietske is an integral member of Team Trotty enabling me to achieve higher hygiene standards on the mountain.

Wietske prioritises clients’ comfort, relaxation and privacy. She takes pride in performing her work to the highest standards and providing clients with quality services and uses only high quality products in her treatments.

The Torch

Torch Coat Heater The driving force behind this innovative Universal Coat heater is Anthony DeVito. Not daunted by my barrage of Altitude related questions. Anthony listened to my needs and I’ll be trialing the Torch on Everest in 2018. I’ve become rather attached to my fingers and toes over the years and by keeping my torso warmer it will allow a little more warm blood to be spared for my precious extremities

Jacob’s Tyres Blackwood donated “Max” my on road training partner

Max New Trg Mate

Meet Max my training partner....He doesn't corner very well

Cricket Australia: Milo in2cricket equipment
Can you just picture their faces when the kids at the school in Makwanpur, Nepal open their bag of Milo equipment? What a gift Cricket Australia. And I have the gift of being there to witness it first hand. Thank you Luke for adding this to your already busy schedule.


Knight Frank, Westpac and Orchard/Abacus:  a big thank you for allowing me to use the Westpac building stairwell as a training facility. In this day and age it’s a wonderful gesture on their behalf.

The Westpac building is the tallest building in my city, Adelaide. 30 floors. What a difference this made to my training. A whole new level of pain!

Thank you to the following people for making this access happen:
Philip Crofts, Tony Kramer, Katerina Giakoumis and the Seymour-Griffins, John and Jacquie, who set this in motion.

And I’m sure there’s an insurance company out there that went “She wants to do WHAT?!” So thank you to them too.